What Others Say about DingDongPub

What Others Say about DingDongPub.com

…and our cards

Every new business hopes to please others. We are no exception and work hard to be creative but also responsive. Thanks to those who took time to tell us what we are doing right and those who helped by pointing out how we might be better. We know we can’t make everybody happy but will try to do this for as many as possible.

These comments have been selected from all that we receive and as promised we have said thanks by sending them a new card for them to send to a special friend.

Thank you all, you are creating our success.


What they said

“I looked it over. Impressive. At first I thought the coupon scheme might be awkward or confusing as distinguished from just a notice of a standard discount for various quantities applied at checkout. Decided that you had it right. The name of the game is to make it as simple and quick to buy as possible. I have encountered situations where they made it so complicated that I just quit and went elsewhere.” George M.

“I am beyond impressed with your new greeting/note cards website!!!
It’s simple to look at, and check out. All makes sense.
And the quality of your images is of course fantastic!!!”  Barbara P.

“What a joy to find so many original cards—beautiful art work as well as.” Dawna S.

“The ordering process for the cards was very simple and easy. I used the guest pay pal site, and when I got their receipt, they said I was already registered. Liking you on facebook was easy. I don’t usually do too much with facebook other than read other’s sites, but was happy to like Dingdong pub. Hope it pays off and you get lots of business from others.”  Shirley


Now that you have read What Others Say about DingDongPub it is EASY TO ORDER from DingDong Cards and don’t forget to use the coupon discounts.